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Twin Oaks Sportscard and Collectible Shows are scheduled throughout the year at two locations in Washington and Oregon.  We have been promoting shows in the Northwest for over 33 years.  You can count on finding a good selection at a  great price from the dealers at all of our shows.  Most of the dealers started out as collectors and needed an outlet to sell some of thier extra items.  We provide an inexpensive way to sign up for one show or be a dealer on a regular basis.  Our shows always offer free parking and free admission. 

                                  SHOW HOURS
                           MALL 205       9 AM- 2 PM
             OUTLET COLLECTION Saturday 10 AM-4 PM
             OUTLET COLLECTION  Sunday   11 AM-4 PM
                        EVERETT MALL      10 AM-4 PM

      THE OUTLET COLLECTION SHOW WILL BE by the food                     court and be between the food court and
                             the BURLINGTON Store.
           Everett Mall: Saturday Sports Card Show and                                   Comic Book Show will be held from                                       Center Court to North end of Main Hall.
         The best place to enter the Show is thru the back                     Mall entrance just South of the big freeway sign.

     Apr.    10    Mall 205                                   Portland, OR
     Apr.    24    The Outlet Collection               Auburn, WA
     Apr.    25    The Outlet Collection               Auburn, WA

     May      8    Mall 205                                    Portland, OR
     May    22    The Outlet Collection               Auburn, WA
     May    23    The Outlet Collection               Auburn, WA

     June     5    Everett Mall                              Everett, WA
     June    12   Mall 205                                    Portland, OR
     June    26   The Outlet Collection               Auburn, WA
     June    27   The Outlet Collection               Auburn, WA

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